Our Vision is, through our Plastic-to-fuel Technology, to eliminate plastic waste and contribute to the circular economy


Who we are

Thermolysis is a green tech company which develops and commercializes a novel technology whichconverts waste plastics back into fuel oil products…

What we do

We work to expand advanced recycling, giving post-use plastic a new, circular life by developing technology for converting this valuable material back into its original building blocks…

What we offer

Our proprietary technology can turn post-use plastics back into their original chemical components for continued use, repeatedly…

Mission - Vision

Our strategy and business model are to directly sell novel recycling plants or partner with the waste management and petrochemical industry, to recycle plastic waste back into its original form…

Challenge and Solution

to value

Plastic is a material with many beneficial applications and has become part of our everyday lives…


Recycling rates

Chemical recycling is the broad term used to describe a range of emerging technologies that allow plastics that are either technically difficult to process or uneconomic to recover, to be recycled…



Our novel technology


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